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Welcome to the Advanced Availability Inquiry system.


Enter a part number into the input on the left hand side. When you press ENTER, it will begin searching, and create a new search input. You may enter another part number immediately.
You may use the arrow keys to move upwards or downwards through the parts entered. If you would like to start from the beginning, press the tilde (~) key, or the "Reset" button.
Pressing the backspace key on an empty input will take you back one input.

Known Bugs (Interface / Client Script (AJAX Requester)):

[ none ]

Known Bugs (Server Script / AJAX Supplier):

- No support for multiple supersessions (only shows primary change-up). [Parser notifies, no detail, not implemented]
- No support for selective supersessions (shows no change-up). [Parser notifies, no detail, not implemented]
- Response when part has selective supersession but original is still valid unknown.

Required Feature / Option List:

- Provide enough information in 95% of situations, for extremely odd information, direct to Infostream (small link graphic).
- Restructure Client Script into a single object instead of a group of functions.

Possible Future Features (2.2+)

- Keep history of previously entered part numbers to allow back-tracing. (Similar to back/forward functionality on Infostream).
- Add option to cross-check with Order Status for outstanding orders? (Would require parsing the Order Status page, too slow?)
- Allow limited usage without Javascript Support? (Currently zero support without jQuery)